76 Ethical Patrons Contest

Good morning, All,

I’ve mentioned this contest as a possibility in the past, but now I think I’d like to make it official.

Stellar Reaches, a free PDF fanzine for CT and T20, is holding a contest entitled 76 Ethical Patrons. For this contest, I am asking contributors to send me patron encounters in the style of the old CT Supplement 6, 76 Patrons. Enter as many times as you like. The basic stipulations are as follows:

1) The patron encounter should take up at least half a page, but no more than a full page (~800 words).

2) Each patron encounter should offer six different options. It’s the editor’s opinion that giving less than six different options isn’t exploring the possibilities of a given scenario to their fullest extent. (Besides, six options in a patron encounter give effectively six different adventures, which in turn give the reader more for their money’s worth, so to speak.)

3) The patron encounter must provide adventure opportunities that do not involve the characters having to break the law. (I’d prefer to see at least three out of the six options be perfectly legit variations on the main theme, more if you can.)

4) Each entry should also contain a brief title and a byline with the author’s name, for identification and accreditation purposes.

5) Enter as many times as you like (by June 30th, that is), but make sure the work is yours. Please do not submit someone else’s work or work that has already been published.

Please send your entries in either text or RTF format to:

Contest ends: 30 June 2005.

Winners will be announced in Issue #3 of the Stellar Reaches fanzine, and the top five entries will be included in that issue.

Also, if we actually hit the magic number of 76 different patron encounters, I’ll put together a special Stellar Reaches supplement issue in PDF called 76 Ethical Patrons to post in the file library. All contributors will be given credit for their work, of course, and will retain the copyright on their contributions.

Happy Travellin’,
Jason “Flynn” Kemp
Editor, Stellar Reaches fanzine

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