Issue #3 Comes Out Sunday, September 11th

Good morning, All,

Issue #3 of the Stellar Reaches fanzine will be released on Sunday, September 11th. An official announcement will be made both here on the fanzine’s website as well as on the COTI boards, once the file is available for download.

Looking forward to it,

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8 Responses to Issue #3 Comes Out Sunday, September 11th

  1. Chris 'Stofsk' Szitovszky says:

    So… like, where’s the article? It’s now 13 September where I’m at. Tuesday.

    What’s (or where’s) the story? 😛


  2. Flynn says:

    Real Life issues keep coming up… I used to wonder what happened to all the old fanzines, and now I know. 🙂

    I’m working on it,


  3. Christian says:

    Can we help in any way?


  4. Flynn says:

    Submit adventures. What’s holding me up the most is writing the adventure that goes with the issue. At this point, I’ll probably release Issue #3 without an adventure, so that it gets out sooner, rather than struggle to finish the adventure and rush to get this out later. I can then release the adventure separately in a week or two, and take my time with it. But adventures would help tremendously in the future.



  5. Bluebear says:

    As Doc Saro, I suggest that you take two redheaded typists, go to bed and call me in the morning.

    Seriously, I’ve had to struggle with deadlines and real life too — and fully understand that these two are not always compatible. I look forward to seeing the new issue whenever it sees daylight.


  6. Employee #2-4601 says:

    Any news on Issue #3? Anything we can help with to facilitate the release?


  7. Flynn says:

    I will have an update on that this weekend. My apologies for the prolonged delay.

    In Service,


  8. Fritz88 says:

    Flynn, not to pile on, but where’s my hit!?

    Seriously, I wouldn’t think you would need an adventure, with all those Patron encounters!

    Thanks for all your efforts, though!


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