A Quick Update…

Good Evening, All,

Time for a quick update. I’m still having problems making the time to get the fanzine organized and together. I am still working on it, but between work and family life, I just haven’t had the time to wrap it up and post it. I’ll have it up as soon as I can, though. Expect this one to be larger than any of the other issues we’ve released to date. It may be late, but there’s a lot of Traveller goodness packed in there to make up for it.

For those that do not know, this issue wraps up the Empty Quarter 993 astrography articles. It was my hope that I’d be able to start some 1248 coverage after this issue, but the book sadly has not been released yet. It is my hope that it will be out by Issue #5, so that I can start covering the Hinterworlds sector in 1248. Otherwise, I will probably cover the Empty Quarter in 1200 as a filler issue while I wait.

In addition to my work on the Stellar Reaches fanzine, you can find more of my Traveller work over at Avenger Enterprises. I wrote the two special supplement products, Robots Of Charted Space and Robot Adventures, over two years ago, and they have now finally seen publication. I think you’ll find them useful for your Traveller games, particularly if you have a soft spot for robots as I do.

Given the sporadic nature of my free time, and the fact that I’m also working on roleplaying supplements that actually bring in some money, I must admit that the release of future Stellar Reaches issues will continue to be haphazard. I apologize in advance for that, and I hope that you enjoy the issues when they come out.

Some of my paid work (through my personal imprint, Samardan Press) will include science fiction adventures and localized setting material (for D20 Modern/Future, Grim Tales and Universal Concepts in an alternate sci-fi universe, since I don’t hold a Traveller license) and hopefully some future Traveller supplements for Avenger and QLI. I will probably release a free fan-based translation of game mechanics for the sci-fi adventures here as Stellar Reaches web enhancements, so the adventures can be used for your Traveller games as well.

Okay, hopefully this update helps to let you guys know what’s going on, and what the future might hold.

Keep On Travellin’,
Jason “Flynn” Kemp

About Alvin Plummer

I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!
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1 Response to A Quick Update…

  1. Gruffty says:

    Hey Flynn,

    We appreciate how hard it is getting SR out – I’m sure your loyal fans will wait for the next issue!

    I’m hoping to have something a little special for you to inlcude in a future issue. I’ll be in touch closer to when it’s ready.



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