Issue #5 Deadline Approaches, And A Special Hinterworlds Announcement…

Fellow Sophonts,

Time for another update. Work progresses towards Issue #5 of the Stellar Reaches fanzine, our free Traveller e-zine for Classic Traveller and Traveller T20. Our next deadline for submissions is July 31st, 2006. At this point, we’ve got a Contact article, an adventure and another article or two already in the pipeline. We are definitely looking for more contributions, so if you would like to submit something, please do so. Artwork and articles would be very muchly appreciated.

Work also progresses on the Hinterworlds 1248 EPIC Sourcebook. After approaching Avenger Enterprises with an offer to officially publish the sourcebook on the Hinterworlds Sector in 1248, and been told that it couldn’t be considered at this point in time due to the current Avenger product lines that are still in development, I approached Marc W. Miller directly with the concept. He has given me permission to produce and sell the Hinterworlds 1248 supplement as a stand-alone licensed product for Traveller, with the appropriate provisions, of course. Writing has already commenced on the book, and it’s the current plan that the sourcebook will be ready for publication in PDF format in November, 2006, with a Print-On-Demand (POD) release a month or two later, if PDF sales warrant the additional work. Over the last few months, many Stellar Reaches fans have asked me why I hadn’t approached Marc for a license to sell my work, so I would like to thank them for the encouragement to pursue this exciting opportunity.

The Hinterworlds 1248 EPIC Sourcebook will bring the Hinterworlds Sector published in Challenge Magazine #39 from the early Rebellion Era to the 1248 New Era. Designed primarily as a systemless book, several appendices will include specific game mechanic data for some of the Traveller rules sets, in order to minimize game mechanics within the core of the book itself. The sourcebook will offer the following:

* History of the Hinterworlds sector, from the Ancients to 1248;
* The minor and major races encountered within the sector, from the enigmatic Stalkers and the Jenda, masters of genetic engineering, to the psionic Anubian minor human race and the artificial intelligences known as the Cyms;
* The eight interstellar polities that have survived the Collapse or emerged during Recovery, from the Cym-controlled Tlianke Empire and the pro-psionic New Anubian Trade Union to the Dahlian Commonwealth and the Hiver-assisted Tiempre Federation;
* The mercantile corporations active in the sector, and the impact of the Wilds on interstellar trade;
* Full sector data, including star maps and library data, detailing the Hinterworlds sector;
* Sixteen Patron Encounters, four mercenary tickets, two amber zones and a complete adventure that emphasize the flavor of the Hinterworlds sector in 1248;
* Details on the lower tech starships commonly encountered in Hinterworlds space after the Collapse, built with the limited resources of a recovering polity;
* A bestiary of lifeforms found within the sector;
* Advice on how to run Hinterworlds campaigns in the New Era, with an eye towards promoting and managing player-character impact on the setting;
* Appendices containing system-specific information for a number of the Traveller rules sets;
* And much more.

The book will be packed with as much as will fit within 128 pages. (If I have to go over, the next goal is to keep it within 144 pages.) My goal is to make the Hinterworlds 1248 EPIC Sourcebook an extensive resource for information in running a campaign in this exciting sector, and then to provide as much inspiration and adventuring ideas as possible to make life easier on the Referee. I also want to share some advice and thoughts garnered from my own experiences with running a 1248 campaign for the last two years, in the hopes that it helps others in running their own 1248 campaigns.

Will I start selling future issues of the Stellar Reaches fanzine, you might ask? The quick answer to that is “No.” Stellar Reaches was a work born of love for the game, and has always been intended to be given freely to the community. In that vein, it will continue to be released here for free, as a fanzine product produced by a Traveller fan, based on contributions from Traveller fans, for the enjoyment of Traveller fans.

Thank you all for your time, and please continue to send in those contributions for Issue #5 of Stellar Reaches. Remember, the next deadline is the end of July.

Keep On Travellin’,
Jason “Flynn” Kemp

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7 Responses to Issue #5 Deadline Approaches, And A Special Hinterworlds Announcement…

  1. stefan325us says:

    I found this Wiki ( ) and I would hope that you will allow the use of any data from your website that would normally be found in a ship’s library data to be transferred onto this Wiki.

    I also encourage you to post items of a Library data type nature yourself. So far there are over 1600 entries…..

    Thank you for your support of Traveller,


  2. Flynn says:

    You are more than welcome to use any of the data found in Stellar Reaches for the Traveller Wiki. Be sure to note that it is Library Data from 993.

    Very cool. The Traveller community keeps growing and growing…

    Thanks For The Note,


  3. Flynn, can you compile an email distribution list of contributors, I would like to have known that the book was open again on submissions this month, when it was annouced on July 4th, I have just found out now and would like to submit the 2nd part of my adventure to you ‘The Lorimar Slot’ though it may be a tight squeeze to finish it in time with all of my other writing commitments.

    Many Thanks

    Commander Drax


  4. Flynn says:


    I’ll definitely see what I can do about that. In the meantime, please feel free to submit your adventure at your own pace. Even if you are a day or three late, chances are you’ll catch me before I get things finalized. Also, as an FYI, submissions are always welcome, so please don’t feel like you have to wait until I make a call before submitting one.

    Thank you for your contributions,


  5. Cheers, Flynn, I’ll get it to you as fast as I can!


  6. Cheers, Flynn, I’ll get it to you as fast as I can! I’ll start work on the manuscript next week!


  7. Boris says:

    With the lower tech spaceships be sure to steal from real life images, ie. Shuttle, Buran, Mir, Skylab, Apollo, Hermes, Orion, etc.


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