Issue #5 Has Been Released!

Good Afternoon, All,

I have finally completed Stellar Reaches, Issue #5 and placed it on the Downloads page for your review and enjoyment. This is the longest one yet at 46 pages, and this is without any internal art (save that of our “advertisement”, of course.) Like all of the Stellar Reaches issues, this work wouldn’t be possible without the support and contributions of the Traveller fans out there, and so I wanted to take this moment to say “Thank You, All” to everyone that has joined in the fun so far, either as a contributor or as a reader.

Sadly, our art contributions have been a little low this time around. Other than our cover art, provided by the magnanimous Andrew Boulton, with his work entitled “Gas Giant Scout,” we have no interior art to offer our fans this time around. If you know of anyone that might be interested in contributing, please send him or her our way. As I’ve said before, I’m not a great artist, and somehow I don’t think stick figures would work as well for Stellar Reaches as it has for Order of the Stick. My apologies for the low art content, and I hope that we can offer you better next time around. Andrew definitely deserves a round of applause for his cover art contribution, though. Thanks for sharing your hard work with the rest of us!

Even without artwork, you’ll notice that there’s a lot in this particular issue. We start off with an alternate 1248 Collapse/Recovery process I developed during the playtesting of TNE 1248. Martin J. Dougherty of Avenger Enterprises has given us special permission to publish it here. (Please take a moment sometime to thank him for giving permission if you enjoyed it.) Alvin Plummer, whom HIWG fans might recognize as the original HIWG developer for the Empty Quarter sector, joins us with a trio of fun contributions. First, we meet a nomadic minor race of the Imperium with an article on the Iper’Mar. Alvin then follows it up masterfully with an exploration-oriented adventure entitled Sand Castles. Finally, Alvin brings us a military-oriented adventure called Seasons Change. Jeff M. Hopper continues his excellent travelogue series, The Empty Quarter Echo, with a focus on the world of Charity. Omer Golan returns to our pages with an excellent article on belting with Belting 101. We then present the Empty Quarter sector of 993 in review. This issue then ends with the usual patron encounter, and our fun “advertisement” makes its triumphant return. All in all, there’s a lot to enjoy this issue.

Sadly, while I wanted to preview a sample of the Hinterworlds 1248 Epic Sector Sourcebook that will be released in the late fall or early winter of this year, I am not quite ready with the material, and I’d rather not hold back the release of this issue any more than I have already. Please accept my apologies, and look forward to seeing a sample in the next issue of the Stellar Reaches.

In addition, with the next issue, we’re planning on a new Alternate Universe article, this one by Marc Kuhl, another Empty Quarter Echo column, another adventure or two by Traveller fans such as yourself, and a few other surprises.

As always, my friends, I thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm over the Stellar Reaches fanzine. I continue to do this for the joy it gives me, and for the ability to contribute to the Traveller community. Your support and patronage are definitely appreciated. Now, let us put aside our distractions and get to the meat of the matter. Please enjoy this issue, and if it helps your Traveller experience, then I have done what I set out to do.

Prepare To Jump,
Jason “Flynn” Kemp
Editor, Stellar Reaches fanzine


The code to model the collapse/recovery for the article 1248: An Alternate Collapse/Recovery System can be found here.

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7 Responses to Issue #5 Has Been Released!

  1. Berg says:

    Beauty stuff Flynn! 🙂

    Always looking forward to these releases!

    Contact me about art in the future if needed 😉


  2. Frank says:

    Another fantastic issue Flynn. Really like it.


  3. the Bromgrev says:

    Nice one, Jason! Issues 1-4 were my inflight entertainment on the way over here – looking forward to reading this one. And another pretty picture by Andrew.


  4. Jeff M. Hopper says:

    For readers of the Empty Quarter Echo column, if you wouldn’t mind – please send me some feedback on the column so that I can improve it as we go along. Just send me an email at


  5. Father Fletch says:

    I would be happy to contribute my Sirocco modular scout deck plans and write up for the next issue.
    The thread is here.;f=4;t=001102;p=2#000023


  6. Flynn says:

    By all means, Father Fletch, please feel free to write that up in a text file or Word document and send it my way. 🙂

    Your Contribution Is Muchly Appreciated,


  7. TheBrain says:

    I keep getting file damaged/corrupted messages when i try to download issues 4 and 5. Anyone else having trouble?


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