Stellar Reaches #6 Update…

Good Evening, All,

It’s been a little bit since the last update, and I felt that I needed to keep you guys in the loop in regards to the next issue of Stellar Reaches. Now that National Novel Writing Month has passed, I’m back in the full swing of things, and am busily putting together the next issue. With any luck, I should be able to release the next issue over the holidays. I’ll aim for releasing our next exciting issue in time for Christmas, but should I fail that, you’ll still be able to read it on New Year’s Day.

In the month of November, I successfully wrote my first full-length novel entitled “Gladiator of Samardan”, a planetary adventure weighing in at 71,000 words, over the course of the National Novel Writing Month competition this year. (I lost much sleep and family time, but I got the entire novel written within the 30 days alloted to me. My family has been wonderfully supportive in allowing me to accomplish my dream.) Next month, I’ll reread the rough draft and begin doing some major clean-up work on it, and I intend to make it available for sale in February or March of 2007. It’s not a Traveller novel, but that’s simply because I do not have permission to publish Traveller fiction for profit. If you grew up on tales of John Carter of Barsoom, Tarl Cabot of Gor, or Dray Prescot of Kregen, then “Gladiator of Samardan” should be a real treat. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope some of you find it an pleasurable read this Spring.

The Hinterworlds 1248 Sourcebook is my current major focus (although I do have a few minor projects I’m wrapping up on the side), and I hope to have it ready for playtesters by the end of March, just after the release of the Spring 2007 issue of Stellar Reaches. Barring complications, the Hinterworlds 1248 Sourcebook PDF will go on sale in April, 2007, and a Print-On-Demand version will follow a month or two later for those that like dead-tree format, if there’s enough interest in the product. Currently, the PDF looks like it will cost around $8.99, and the softcover book would probably run around $16.99. (These prices may vary, depending on the size of the final product.)

Thank you, one and all, for your continued support of the Stellar Reaches fanzine. Please take a moment to thank the contributing artists and authors. Without their contributions, Stellar Reaches simply wouldn’t exist.

Keep On Travellin’,
Jason “Flynn” Kemp

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  1. DED says:

    Cool. 🙂


  2. they say where to young,to get are self’s sprun. Karolyn Leanne.


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