Happy Holidays! Issue #6 Now Live!

Good Morning, All,

Happy Holidays! Issue #6 of Stellar Reaches, the fanzine for Classic Traveller and Traveller T20, has now been posted. You can download your copy at one of the following URLs.

Stellar Reaches Issue #6 (PDF)

Stellar Reaches Issue #6 (Zipped)

This particular issue is only a little shorter than previous issues at 32 pages. Nonetheless, Issue #6 contains a Traveller gaming article, two adventures set in the Empty Quarter, the usual Empty Quarter echo, and two starship data articles, complete with deck plans. All in all, there’s plenty in here for your enjoyment.

As if to make up for our art deficiency last issue, the artists among our wonderful supporters rallied to our side and produced a number of great images for this issue. In addition to Mickazoid’s first cover for us, you’ll find within art by David “Mandarin Dude” Askius, Bryan Gibson, Christian “Father Fletch” Kelley, Nik “Klaus” Kraakenes, “Ravs” and Mike “the Bromgrev” Thomas. Thank you, one and all, for your amazing contributions to the look and feel of Stellar Reaches Issue #6.

If you like what you see, please feel free to post something on a discussion board or a mailing list to let the various contributors know that you have enjoyed their hard work. Like myself, their only pay in this is your recognition and appreciation of their efforts, and I, for one, definitely appreciate it. Thank you very much, everyone!

Happy Holidays,
Jason “Flynn” Kemp
Editor, Stellar Reaches fanzine

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4 Responses to Happy Holidays! Issue #6 Now Live!

  1. the Bromgrev says:

    Nicely done, Flynn and everyone, and just in time for 2006. Onwards and upwards! When’s the first issue of 2007 due? 😉


  2. Flynn says:

    I have since realized that I forgot to add two articles to the current issue, so I’ll have to add them to Issue #7. In regards to deadlines, please make any submissions for Issue #7 by February 28th, 2007.

    Happy New Year,


  3. Gruffty says:

    Once again, Flynn kicks ass with his wonderful journal! Nice work, that man, I say, what?


  4. Travis says:

    Can’t wait for issue #7. Bring it on.


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