Traveller Goes OGL!

Good Morning, All:

I was pleased to read this morning that Traveller is going OGL under the administration of Mongoose Publishing, Inc. For more on that story, please check out:
Mongoose’s Traveller announcement

I don’t yet know enough about it to know what this means for Stellar Reaches, but I assure you that I will keep you guys updated as I learn more.

With Regards,

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8 Responses to Traveller Goes OGL!

  1. DED says:

    But what does it all mean? Is this going to be the 7th rules set (CT, MT, TNE, T4, T20, GURPS) that Traveller players will have to learn? I’ve bought 5 of those 6 rules systems and I’m sick and tired of it.


  2. tsykoduk says:

    I think (a little furry ferret told me) that they are going to be using the Traveller:5 ruleset that Marc has been working on oh so many years (since the T4 um… implosion?).

    A lot like what T4 should have been from what I have seen… More Classic Travellerish…


  3. Shadowcat1313 says:

    actually, it will be the 8th set, Traveller for the Hero System is sitting on Steve Longs desk as we speak. its being published by Com-Star Games and Avenger


  4. LordVince says:

    So….will we ever get Issue #8?


  5. Flynn says:

    Yes, sir. I’ve been dealing with child custody issues for the last two months, and it has taken up too much of my time. Issue #8 will come out, and I apologize for the delay.

    With Regards,


  6. LordVince says:

    Oh, geez! Consider me kicked out the airlock! ^_^

    Take your time, Flynn. I was just concerned that, maybe, you’d been “prevented” from publishing by Mongoose, somehow.


  7. ATPollard says:

    I was wondering the same thing. You just said it.

    You have my sympathy and prayers.



  8. Roger Barr says:

    The new game system from Mongoose looks promising frm the play test files, and is indeed an improvement from the T4 rule set. My players loved the more in depth version of the Classic Traveler character generation system, and the blending of both rolled and chosen skills.

    Pick your poison as far as the rules are concerned, but in my book each new incarnation shows the continued appreciation of a single science fiction game setting that has grown and expanded for 25 years.



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