Mongoose Now Has A Fair Use Policy (or The OTU Is Back In)…

Good Morning, All:

I have received some official clarification from Chris Longhurst in regards to the future of fan-created OTU material in Stellar Reaches:

Hi all.

Just to clarify, we’ve reached a decision: free stuff is okay.

I think a proper ‘fair use policy’ should probably have more legal
waffle than that, but that’s what it boils down to. As far as producing
print versions of Stellar Reaches is concerned, a profit-free version
(which is easy with Lulu) should be fine.

So, crisis over. As usual, any questions, send them my way.


With that in mind, Stellar Reaches can resume publication of OTU material, so long as it remains free. It looks like business as usual, then.

Also, with the proviso given by Chris, I will be putting together a compilation of issues in a hard copy format later this Spring, per several requests I have received. You will only need to pay the cost of printing and shipping it to you. As usual, I do this for free, and will take no profit from this work.

This news does not mean that Stellar Reaches is limited to the OTU alone. I will definitely accept ATU and generic contributions once Traveller goes OGL. In fact, I would encourage the diversity. There’s room enough for both kinds of material in the pages of the fanzine.

For small-time publishers interested in talent for their for-profit ventures using the Traveller OGL, I highly recommend our regular contributors. Check out their work, and if you like it, feel free to contact them to express your interest and possibly line up some paying work for these guys. I’m sure some would appreciate the interest.

Issue #8 will be out this Sunday, my friends.

Hope You Enjoy,

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5 Responses to Mongoose Now Has A Fair Use Policy (or The OTU Is Back In)…

  1. Tsykoduk says:


    Glad to hear it!


  2. Jeff Hopper says:


    Do you have my Empty Quarter Echo contribution for this issue or should I resubmit it? (It’s been awhile and you’ve definitely been busy, so I thought I’d ask.)


  3. Donald says:

    If you are going to use my contribution is there anything I need to sign or do?
    I thought I would ask…ha.


  4. Andy says:


    I’m glad that they’re open to people publishing OTU, but I have to say… I’m not sure why it’s okay for Lulu (or another POD) to profit from it, but not you. That’s essentially what’s happening when you provide material “at cost” on Lulu.


  5. Vile says:

    Better head on over to the Mongoose forums, Flynn … this could have been the shortest-lasting fan policy ever …


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