Issue #9 Due Out By November 30th…

Good Morning, All:

My apologies for the long delay, but my day job ate my lunch for the last few months. However, I’m back to All Things Traveller, at least for a while. The next issue of Stellar Reaches will be released by the end of November. You’ve waited long enough, and it appears that Mongoose will not be changing their mind on Fair Use any time soon. (For a while, it seemed every time I started to prepare a new release for the next issue, the Fair Use policy went into debate…)

I have decided to keep Stellar Reaches as a Fair Use fanzine, so that we have all of the OTU open to us. However, that means I cannot actively support Mongoose Traveller in the same fanzine issue that I mention the OTU in. In order to support Mongoose Traveller as well, I will be creating OGL supplements containing submitted articles specific to Mongoose Traveller when they come in. These “Stellar Reaches OGL Supplements” will be released at the same time as the main issue, but as a separate PDF. I have not come up with an appropriate designation for those supplements, but I am open to suggestions.

I hope this is welcome news. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them. I am always open to constructive feedback.

With Regards,
Jason “Flynn” Kemp
Editor, Stellar Reaches

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28 Responses to Issue #9 Due Out By November 30th…

  1. Ya! Woo Hoo! whoa, what a minute does that mean all my foreven stuff is going to be in a side issue? Arg, @#$%&@ bureaucratic @#%&$#*@ Arg!


  2. Flynn says:

    If it doesn’t use MGT rules, it can be in the main issue. Only the OGL rules specifically has to be outside the main issue of the fanzine. Another way to look at it is, when I need to do supplements, I am releasing two issues at the same time. πŸ™‚

    Hope That Helps,


  3. Donald H says:

    Great to Hear that your still in out there I was starting to wonder if I would ever see I sent in out where it could be used.


  4. Donald H says:

    Great to Hear that your still in out there I was starting to wonder if I would ever see the stuff I sent in out where it could be used.


  5. Great News Flynn, cant wait to see my submission in there, good decision by the way


  6. Donald H says:

    Why not call it the Mongoo supplement…lol


  7. Omer Golan says:

    Great to hear that! Congratulations!


  8. Vile says:

    Well, you can’t call them “Stellar Reaches Special Supplements” – that title is already taken!* No matter what, SR#9 is eagerly awaited here, in late late November. πŸ˜‰

    *With the first one out just after SR#9, in time for Christmas?


  9. theophilus says:

    Obviously missed Nov 30. Any update as to when it’s coming out?


  10. Donald H says:

    I was wondering the same as Theo?


  11. theophilus says:

    Of course, we just assumed he ment 2008!


  12. Flynn says:

    And I meant 2008. Sadly, my work didn’t agree with my plan. The project, which should have had a Phase 2, got cut short, and I’ve been hitting the code hard and steady since mid-November. The nice part is that I’m wracking up some Comp time for working over 40 hours most weeks. The bad part is that I’m wracking up some Comp time for working over 40 hours most weeks. They’ve told me once again that they want to wrap up the project by the end of this month, so perhaps the holidays will give me that chance to push Issue #9 out.

    Sorry for the delay once again. It seems Real Life(tm) once again interferes with my fun. 😦

    More Later,


  13. Donald H says:

    Been there done that and got the ratty a** teeshirt for it. I am just happy to hear that there will be a #9.

    Merry Chrismas everyone


  14. Father Fletch says:

    Keep the faith baby! No worries, we always enjoy Stellar Reaches…well worth the wait.


  15. Capt. Zakaron Ventiggushillir says:

    No rush and no worries. After all, in addition to continuing goodies for Mongoose Traveller, we now have T5 to review and assimilate (at least the initial publication PDFs). It’s not like we don;t have plenty to keep us busy, especially those of us who are scouring our old Traveller materials for ideas, adventures, and other trivia to steal…errr….appropriate! πŸ™‚

    (PS Capt. Zak is my first MgT PLAYER character and he’s being ported to T5 just to see how he’d look there. Come to think of it he’s my first Vilani too, ever!)


  16. Donald H says:

    I keep checking this channel, but nothing but white noise…lol


  17. Vile says:

    So, any date for the Spica PDF yet?


  18. Flynn says:

    Last I remember, Spica Publishing was looking at doing the layout and release on Spica themselves. Of course, I haven’t checked in on that decision in a few weeks, so things may have changed.

    More Later,


  19. Jerry Mapes says:

    Nice to see some activity.

    Any word on Issue 9?


  20. theophilus says:

    Any update on availabiliby?


  21. Donald H says:

    Well if the ice is as bad as the weather guys say, and you are near Dallas you might have a day or two, to work on other things…as long as the power is on…lol.


  22. David Wilson says:

    Whats the status of issue #9. It’s well past Nov. 30, 2008

    Thank You


  23. Arthur T. Sockpuppet says:

    No probs with the delay. Quality before haste. As for mongo dump it. If they and their license cant see how exposure is in their interest then stuff ’em.


  24. I agree with that last comment, It annoys me that I cant produce any OTU mongoose materials released under fair use unless they are set in Foreven Sector. I like the empty quarter as presented in Stellar Reaches and would love to use the Mongoose rules in some published stuff, but hell it’s their train set, but it has stopped me buying their traveller products.


  25. Donald H says:

    I blew 20 bucks on a soft cover of the core rules, and I still like the CT rules best with some cherry picking from other sets.


  26. theophilus says:

    Well, it’s the end of february, any news on when stellar reaches 9 may come out?


  27. Eris the Heretic says:

    Flynn, I’ve enjoyed your magazine over the years. *Please* don’t let Stellar Reaches fade away!


  28. Donald says:

    I echo Eris on this.


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