Working on #9, Thinking about #10…

Good Morning, All:

As I work on Issue #9 this weekend, putting it together, laying it out and getting it ready for release, I can’t help but think about what will go in Issue #10. What kind of articles would you guys like to see in the next issue of Stellar Reaches? What would help you out the most as gamers? If you pitch it here, we may find a contributor that’s willing to write it up and submit it for you. However, they won’t know what you want if you don’t ask, so please feel free to post your suggestions in the comments of this post.

Keep On Travelling,

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4 Responses to Working on #9, Thinking about #10…

  1. theophilus says:

    I really like the astrogation data, world information and ship writeups.


  2. Flynn says:

    I will try to include a quadrant of the Azri Drakara sector in Issue 10, if that would help. It’s a new sector of my own creation, about eight sectors to rimward of Sol, and will be the de facto background for my infrequent Traveller products. Many of the elements are designed to be easy to transplant elsewhere, so hopefully, you’ll find something you can use.

    Of course, if someone else contributes something, we may have multiple astrogation articles going on. 🙂

    With Regards,


  3. theophilus says:

    Any Ideas when you’ll hve this available?


  4. kafka says:

    Roundup of ideas from the COTI – Are the Vilani Stupid…why no First Contact before 2100; interviews with some of the names making Traveller right now; alternate histories of major events (or things told from another point of view)


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