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A Few Good Men…

I had no idea that this site was misconfigured – and therefore, unfindable by Google – until Joshua Bell gave me the head’s up. I didn’t know this, because – instead of getting a “404 Not Found” error, I got … Continue reading

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Update for Issue #10

Yep, that issue has been updated again, with a corrected link (for Joshua Bell’s article “Using Your Model/2 bis – Revisited, Part 2”) and various minor nips and tucks for my article.  The revised version can be downloaded from here.

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PDF Generators for Sector & Subsector Data

Joshua Bell, the brains behind the glorious Traveller Map site, has reminded me of his PDF map generator. It is capable of creating both sector and subsector maps, at a variety of scales, using .sec data – such as that … Continue reading

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Other fanzines…

I am interested in compiling a list of online Traveller fanzines, both current and archival. I know of a few, both old and new: Frontier Report by Commander Drax (who graciously publishes his Lorimar Slot serial with us).  He’s looking … Continue reading

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A New Editor, A New Issue…

Greetings, Flynn has quite a lot on his plate, so I have been chosen as the new editor of Stellar Reaches. There is no radical change of direction planned: our submission guidelines have not changed, and your contributions are still … Continue reading

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