Other fanzines…

I am interested in compiling a list of online Traveller fanzines, both current and archival. I know of a few, both old and new:

  • Frontier Report by Commander Drax (who graciously publishes his Lorimar Slot serial with us).  He’s looking for contributors too!
  • Freelance Traveller Magazine, edited by Jeff Zeitlin, who has just released his September 2010 issue…
  • Third Imperium Fanzine, one of the originals – their archive is now online…
  • Security Leak edited by Gregg Giles – another original, looking for a rebirth on the ‘Net…
  • Signal-GK: The archival site is managed by Leighton Piper, and it holds 11 of the 13 issues

While not true fanzines – being published by for-profit licences – it would be remiss not to mention:

  • Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society (GDW) – also edited by Loren Wiseman, this is where you go for the original archives of the JTAS. Marc W. Miller, the man himself, has it available on his website.  Enjoy!
  • Signs & Portends by Mongoose Traveller – publishes on a regular monthly schedule
  • Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society (GURPS) – edited by Loren Wiseman, it is on hiatus due to his recent illness – but we trust that it will be back in the swing of things soon! Until then, it does have an extensive set of archives…

Additions (September 21) *hat-tip theophilus*:

Additions (Jan 1, 2011) *hat-tip theophilus*

  • Into the Deep: A recent fanzine, with a focus on Reaver’s Deep

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4 Responses to Other fanzines…

  1. theophilus says:

    Include Kfan Uzhango, issues 2-4, Available at Traveller Freeport, I think.
    And would you include the HIWG Newsletters as Fanzine? If so add: Terra Traveller Times, AAB Proceedings, and Tiffany Star to the list.


  2. theophilus says:

    Came across another Fanzine during a Yahoo search.
    Into the Deep issues 1-2, at the Reavers Deep Project site, linked through the Wayport site.


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