Issues #15 and #16 are here!

These two issues do not cover the Empty Quarter of 993. Instead, they are an isolated sandbox sector. I modified Traveller history slightly to allow a Babylon 5-style stargate to transport some settlers to a point very far from the borders of Charted Space. Then, I cut them off from civilization for a few centuries, and presto! A bunch of pocket empires to play with.

Issue #15 is the fluff issue, and covers:

  1. A lengthy history of Starbreak Sector;
  2. Blurbs on dozens of worlds;
  3. A discussion of the major pocket empires and interstellar councils;
  4. Orwellian thoughts on the nature of political power;
  5. An article on my interests in our far-future relatives, the Solomani;
  6. And a discussion on ambushes.

Issue #16has the crunch:

  1. Maps and UWPs that cover the major eras of Starbreak human history;
  2. Every last starship and most of the large spaceships, described with GURPS Traveller statistics (Third Edition), complete with ownership;
  3. Naval philosophies for the major powers;
  4. A brief numerical comparison of the ground forces of the various worlds;
  5. And a bit of fluff at the end, illustrating the common attitudes of Starbreakers in 1500 Imperial.

In addition to the reams of background material, I wanted to be able to play in different eras of its development. So, a pile of sector maps covering ancient and recent history was developed. I was unable to generate ships for all the eras, so I decided to focus on just one point of time. I used  Third Edition GURPS Traveller for the ships, using Bunt’s software, as it gave me more detail. I planned to make up a set of robots to match, but I simply don’t have the time. Instead, I can offer the equivalent Classic Ships instead. Finally, for the men who love to play with spreadsheets and numbers and economies, I offer the spreadsheet used to come up with the economic numbers I dreamed up. At least the UWPs should be useful, for those who want to go into more depth.

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