Issue #17 is Here!

Another issue of Stellar Reaches has now been published! Here, we push our history of the Empty Quarter to the natural conclusion in the War of the Rebellion. The tragic events of the Rebellion and Hard Times eras are covered, with sector maps and UWPs. We also push on to survey the Empty Quarter of 1201, post-Virus – and see what intrepid explorers, traders, and fighters dare to rebuild civilization from the ruins.

Data for 993 & 1105 (Classic Traveller) is also included, but not expanded on – this include those wonderful maps made possible by Joshua Bell’s Traveller sector generator software.

Older Travellers may wonder, “What would have happened if Virus never smashed all of Charted Space? What if the neighbours could move into the ruins of the Imperium? What if the toughest, wealthiest, most blessed systems were able to see a new dawn?” For the Empty Quarter, that question is answered in the 1145 scenario, where the Hegemony begins to grow and new starnations arise from the ruins of the old. Strange cultures take off from the rotten Imperial stump, and the PCs must learn to adjust to a world at once alike and yet strangely different from the glorious Imperium of their grandfather’s tales.

As a supplement for this issue, a large range of additional maps have been provided for all your Travelling needs!

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I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!
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