Tidying up, and a new Paint program…

When I published Stellar Reaches 17, I also did updates for Issues 13-16, mainly spelling & grammar fixes. (Check the Download section for the new versions.) I just did another update for #17, but not just the usual errata: I added a bit more information for the 1145 scenario, mainly on pages 82-23. A format fix was also put in for page 65: the bad column setup should be clear now.

I also discovered an error in the 1201 (New Era) data: some map updates were required, and some rewriting of the text as well in regard of the Iper’mar (pages 14 & 15). Also, some changes in the maps and the UWPs were necessary, as well. This was done in both the text and the Map Pack.

The Stellar Reaches reader may be interested in the Paint program I used. Having little artistic skill, I used Microsoft Paint, but that was a bit limited for the Charted Space maps I wanted to make. So, I looked around, and found the free Paint.NET program that suited my needs. Perhaps it will be useful to you, as well…

…and, Happy Thanksgiving!

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3 Responses to Tidying up, and a new Paint program…

  1. theophilus says:

    I left a message on the Fanzine page, but I’ll also mention it here.
    The Traveller Freeport has upgraded and I left a new link.
    Also Scott Martins site for Signal GK is down. He has a new site, however the Signal GK fanzine is still available on Leightons site, left the link for that as well.


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