Traveller is geared to high-tech military-adventure role-playing, which I have always imagined to be similar to Ghost in the Shell.


(Yes, it’s set in A.D. 2030, not A.D. 5625 (1105 Imperial), but bear with me…)

However, I always had a soft spot for easy-going ‘slice of life’ fiction.

So, I was very pleased when I discovered the anime Aria (episode 4 below):


A young girl moves from Earth to Mars Manhome* to Aqua*, to learn to be an Undine in neo-Venezia. She makes friends, and enjoys many charming adventures. Eventually, she becomes a true Prima, and becomes the new leader of her two-girl company, Aria Company. The End.

Corporate warfare?  “Let’s race gondolas!”
Brutal military assaults? Well, Aika does steal a little food…

No bad guys? No bad guys.

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