No homemade Traveller movies yet??

Unbelievable – surely, some 50-year-old grognard has fooled enough with Corel or Blender to make a proper, full-feature Traveller movie by now!

(And if not him, then a 15-year old who has re-discovered pen’n’paper Traveller, and wants to haul it, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century…)

Some inspiration:

Voices of a Distant Star – made in 2002, by one man and his Power Mac G4. An interesting sci-fi anime, focusing on the problems of communication across ever-greater distances. Buy it here.


One man and his Power Mac G4, people!


OK, so let’s say that you are just not good enough to turn Traveller into the visual work of art is should be, but at least you can aim higher than the 1980s picture books I make. Then, how about Archon Defender? A simple enough story, based on the Imperial Psionic Suppression Orders persecution of the Shard Sensitives by Empress Lucia sparking off World War II.

Yes, the voice acting is subpar… yes, the near-Nazi symbolism tends to break the otherworldly spell… but I do like the story, and the premise. With a few hours of hard work, it could be the basis of a great Traveller epic, perhaps set in the height of the Psionic Suppression era, or during a (non-canon) Psion Uprising the Referee decided to make up.

Again, it’s just one man and his computer. Traveller simply doesn’t need Lucasfilm anymore, not in this day and age… and especially not if you have a strong story.



And of course, there is Ataque de Pánico!


Of course, the problem with this is that Traveller doesn’t use mecha as a rule: those walking machines are far too high-profile, and are just asking for the artillery to show whose boss (never mind the weight problems: a typical geek rant is here). But if you want a Solomani mecha invasion, you know what to do…

Those ancient sci-fi art books?

I’m thinking of things like Barlowe’s Guide to ExtraterrestrialsSpacecraft, 2000-2100 A.D.: Terran Trade Authority Handbook , Spacewreck: Ghostships and Derelicts of Space , The Art of Michael Whelan , The Art of Star Wars (and the follow-ups)…

and the one who started it all for me, Space Wars.

(Special Mention to Alien Worlds.)

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