A bit more on movies…

The same day I make my push for the one-man movie, Gary North published a fine article on the failure of Christian moviemaking. Serendipity, indeed!

How does it relate to Travellers? If you want to show your vision of the Far Future, don’t rely on sugar daddies. Do it yourself, and do quality work. If you really want to change things, do it for free and post it on YouTube. If you want to make money, you’ll have to talk to Marc Miller, to split the royalties (but in that case, why not make up your own sci-fi universe?)

Time for a little more sci-fi anime. (Why not American movies? Because the stagnant American audience are interested in explosions and sex, and are uninterested in exploring new ideals, interesting concepts, and challenging cultures. If I have to go to the other side of the world to find something interesting to me, then it’s time to pay for a plane ticket – or an internet connection.)

First, I like the exploration sequence on a proper fungus world, from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind:


Second, the dream sequences of the Korean flik “My Beautiful Girl Mari” are also visually interesting. Otherwise, I find the movie boring, but if you like slow-paced family dramas mixed with dreamy fantasy, watch a few minutes, and see if you like it.


And then, there is Summer Wars. While the virtual reality bits are interesting, it’s hard to translate this into the 1970s sci-fi universe of Traveller. But what really interested me is the Jinnouchi family: they make a good model of a really low-level Vilani noble clan which has seen better days, but at least held on to the family castle, their pride, and each other. (And the 90-year-old family Archoness has a lot of high-level contacts she can pull in an emergency…)


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