A Few Flicks…

First I, Pencil. It’s a pleasure for this charming essay to finally make the big screen! The  applicability of this video to the Traveller Trader should be obvious. Especially when some vital component can only be found in some obscure corner of the Empty Quarter…

Next, the Wiki Weapon. This, or something like this, is why the Imperial government prefers to rule the space between the stars, rather than the worlds themselves. Odd though: replicators were thought to be too far-out for the Traveller universe in the 1970s…

Finally, how could I be a good libertarian without at least mentioning Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech? It’s long – almost 50 minutes – but it’s worth it. Especially those 32 questions.


About Alvin Plummer

I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!
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