The Multitool

In the better sectors of the Imperium, the soldiers grumble about their substandard onboard AI on their TL 14 Battle Dress.

In the meantime, in the Six Subsectors, soldiers rejoice over the surprising well-engineered shovels they have been outfitted with..

Empty notes:
* It’s amazing what you can get for these shovels on the metal-poor worlds of the region…
* Also, it’s useful when the ammo runs out – a common occurrence in the Empty Quarter, where warfare is typically done on the cheap.

Soldiers during WWI trench raids used what worked: knives and makeshift weapons over guns since they were much quieter. In particular sharpened entrenching tools could be swung, and more often thrusted with considerable force in cramped spaces. They were capable of killing instantly as opposed to the slow death of bayonet strikes. This discovery was made over and over again in urban combat throughout the early-to-mid twentieth century, such as at Shanghai (’37) and Stalingrad (’42). The heart is a surprisingly small target and lung strikes that kill in sixty seconds just aren’t good enough.

– “Shovel Strike”, TV Tropes.
* Imperial Marines, of course, have sabre training for a reason.


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