From Shamokin to Didshep

If you’re playing in the 993 Empty Quarter, you need to know that Shamokin – a.k.a. the system in hex 1002, Ley sector, as described in Gateway to Destiny (also set in 993) – had her name changed to Didshep in the 1105 Imperium.

You need to know this because, frankly, she’s the only source of all sorts of goodies in the backwards Six Subsectors. If you want TL 14 powered armour, and you don’t want to travel years to Ikon – fighting all sorts of pirates, and leaving the security of the Imperial Navy – then you need to do your shopping in Shamokin.

But if you’re using Joshua Bell’s – like you should – then you won’t find Shamokin anywhere! It’s now Didshep, as the system has been renamed in the 112 years between the Solomani Rim War era and the Classic Traveller era.

Also, if you’re into details, you’ll find that the old naval base in 993 Imperial Shamokin has been relocated to 1105 Imperial Saala Kis.

These changes have some impact on the Alternate 1145 universe, found in Stellar Reaches #17. I have factored it in to that issue: to download it, just go to the downloads page. You’ll always find the latest versions of Stellar Reaches there!


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