Base Work

Just going over the Empty Quarter on, and it looks like there’s been some changes in the basing here. More M (Military) and F (local government) codes for the Julian Protectorate.

So, I’ll be adding them to the latest issue of Stellar Reaches. I’ll let you know when they have been updated.


OK, I have updated the PDF for Stellar Reaches #19, and the Workfiles as well. Just head to the Downloads page for the latest update!

In summary:

  • The UWP listings in the article and the workfiles did not include capitals (sector or subsector) in the listings. This has been corrected.
  • There are new bases added to the 1105 listings, to match that of

Players may assume that between 993 and 1105, the Treaty of Var-Inaka (which restricted basing between the Rukadukaz Republic and the Hegemony of Lorean: see Stellar Reaches #13, page 26) was annulled, permitting many new bases in the coreward half of the Empty Quarter.


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