1) Movie Night: Alien Cargo 2) Hana-bi, manhood, and temptation

Not bad, for a low-budget flick.

But what I was really hoping for wasn’t sci-fi, but a Japanese film, Hana-Bi


And don’t miss the soundtrack,


I consider it in a class similar to the first two Godfather movies, for its genuine manliness in an age of geldings… and as a warning. I can understand precisely where the protagonists of these movies are coming from, which is why the tragedy of these movies sticks in my heart.

I respect strength and determination in the name of family and friends, but alone, this just isn’t enough. At least, not if you are after Justice, not “Just Us”.

Imperial Empty Quarter application? Well, the region is naturally a patriarchal culture, and ‘my people’ matters infinitely more than the Imperial government. As power is pushed downwards, men must take direct responsibility for the security of their tribe. However, it is tempting to assume “All means are justified to care for my own”. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the man-made disasters of the Six Subsectors can be tied directly to this false assumption, and the ongoing consequences of it.

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