Haves and Have Nots


In the Empty Quarter, there are haves, and there are have nots. Now, things are different depending on where you are:

In the Alpha Quadrant, the world of Ikon is so wealthy that a rather substantial interstellar welfare state  exists for many worlds of the Ovaghoun Vargr-led, Vilani-staffed Rukadukaz Republic. There is even some left over for the Irilitok Vargr peons, labourers, and *gasp* a growing Irilitok middle class.

(And then there are wealthy Irilitok worlds like Guedzdhe, and independence-minded Irilitok systems like Khastok, that have no need for Ikonaz ‘welfare money’…)

The Sslinthis Gap is a terrifying pirate zone, with a few bright spots of civilization, most notably Tokitre. Poverty isn’t the problem here: savagery is.

Beta Quadrant is an odd case. The wealthiest sophonts that reside here are generally NOT the commanding Arzula race, but the ‘non-person’ Irilitok traders and manufacturers. (With an assist from a few “business AND pleasure” Damlaerites who reside here as well.) The thing is, the Irilitok Vargr value charisma more than money: and while they have the money, they just can’t get the public charisma and adoration they yearn for…

The Six Subsectors of the Third Imperium is a profile in stark differences, yawning gaps between wealthy worlds (generally Bwap and Vilani) and poor worlds (generally East Indian and Arab).  However, despite everything, the wealth gap just isn’t that important, compared to cultural and religious divides. Poor men of the tribe rely on rich men of the tribe for support and leadership, and the rich tribesmen rely on the poor for labourers and soldiers – and both groups stock together against the Outsider.

But there has been some fighting over wealth before – see Stellar Reaches #18, page 5 – and even the socialist Abadani movement, with ideas that still have some influence in the Six Subsectors, even as the movement itself declines (Stellar Reaches #12, page 13).



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