Science and War

Not the far future: the fairly recent past.

Still, with some reshaping you can get a LOT of techno-war principles from this video.

Side note: Even the worlds of the Empty Quarter have (largely) advanced past pikes, heavy calvary, arquebus, and Napoleonic Warfare: but a lot are at that TL5 – TL8 range, including the TL 7 (1970s) level this documentary was made at.

Rather interesting having the PCs visit worlds where the state-of-the-art in media matches this old (but extremely knowledgeable) British video.

“No internet, no cell phones, no fax… and plastics is the new-new thing!”
“But they do have rockets… and nukes.”
“Owning a nuke is forbidden by the Emperor – even these rustics know that!”
“Yes, they know it. But as far as obedience is concerned…. ‘The enemy is close at hand, and the Emperor is far away.'”
“And right now, so is the Imperial Navy…”

(P.S. And once again, let the video stand as living proof that low-tech does NOT mean stupid! Something visitors to the sector needs to be reminded of – and more than once.)

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