Thought Experiments from Anime


Almost all of the time in the Empty Quarter, the enemy isn’t technologically sophisticated enough to pull off this kind of stunt.

On the other hand, the Ikonaz pirates from Ikon ARE able to yank the chain of most local units in this (or similar) manners. Pirates that have more tech and more money than anyone locally are extremely aggravating at the best of times – and, with the Imperial Navy, their only real opposition, now absent from the Empty Quarter, these are certainly NOT the best of times.


I doubt if actual, man-piloted mecha will ever be a viable military platform: but if it does, basic training (pre-weapons) will look a bit like this.


Whacking bridges and communication towers – instead of going nuclear – implies that the opposition plans to isolate the city, which in this case is Tokyo. (Anyone surprised? Anyone?)

One interesting thought: does the opposition force plan to simply pressure the government to accepting terms? Is this preparation for pre-positioned forces to pull a coup,  or to cut off the local garrison from support? A modern siege, giving the locals the choice to surrender or to starve?


One thing a good Referee can do is to teach his Players to absolutely despise  highly-restrictive rules of engagements. We’re talking “the hatred of a thousand burning suns” levels here.


I think quite a number of PCs would love trying to pull off an Apollo launch in the middle of an invasion. I would have a really hard time setting up a situation where any nation would put their multi-billion-credit launch pad in such a strategically vulnerable position… but a lot of strange things can happen, in the world of politics.

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