1) Mind and Hands 2) To Be A Master

An recent article  – “Status Report on HHO-Catalyst Experiment from Alan Smith” – caught my eye.

Even though it was a failure – as it was unable to get hard evidence, one way or another, “whether combining HHO gas with a catalyst [would create] any excess heat produced in such a reaction, or whether it was just a simple chemical reaction” – the procedure in setting up the experiment, solving problems, and understanding the results is inspirational to the technically-minded.

Or even though who, like me, lack the math to really make a difference, but still admire the hard work and systemic logic used to get results.

“Science, not as popularity contest, but as an investigation in reality – with an eye to how to make the universe work for humanity!”

Traveller? Well, a crewman who can both think and work – a real craftsman in his trade, regardless of what that trade is – is worth is weight in gold.

An entire school of Japanese manga focuses on the drive To Be A Master, to be the very best in your field.

(And note the distinct lack of such a genre in the West. Our loss.)

It would be interesting to take your character from a 18-year-old rookie to a 40-year-old veteran in his field. Quite a lot of adventures would be taken, and the field chosen could have a major effect in shaping the PC’s character – and even his survival.

Perhaps the Referee could set up a set of campaigns, with each campaign counting for a year, two years, or a term (four years) in a PC character’s life. The years 18 to 40 could equal five terms, so five campaigns; or it can be further subdivided, depending on the PC and the Referee.

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I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!
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