A Tiny Model of Bureaucratic Madness

Again, from the Sony Hack

The information security team is a relatively tiny one. On a company roster in the leaked files that lists nearly 7,000 employees at Sony Pictures Entertainment, there are just 11 people assigned to a top-heavy information security team. Three information security analysts are overseen by three managers, three directors, one executive director and one senior-vice president.

This is less of a information security team, and more of a manager employment program. I doubt if the Vilani could actually afford this top-heavy form of bureaucracy: for them, I’m envisioning something more like swarms of annoying, low-level clerks and busy-body inspectors.

Seven years later, Spaltro is still overseeing data security. Now senior vice president of information security, his salary is over $300,000 this year according to one of the leaked salary documents — and will get bumped over $400,000 if he gets his bonus. It’s unclear if a massive hack and complete failure of security is a bonus-breaker.

I approve of the level of snark in this paragraph. The Traveller application is left in your hands.

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1 Response to A Tiny Model of Bureaucratic Madness

  1. This is how a Gov 9 government will work – a HUGE amount of pointless administrative staffs and various levels of administrators, VERY FEW people who do actual work. (or how the education system works where I live [Israel] – only a small portion of the hefty education budget reaches the actual classroom, most of it gets swallowed up by multiples levels of bureaucracy and “oversight”).


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