Odd New Weapons

There’s no way I will be able to keep up with the waves of new weaponry… but at least I can point out a few highlights taken from a Buzzfeed list.

CornerShot – yes, a gun that actually shoots around corners.

Sticking your head around corners and above cover is one of the most dangerous things you have to do during combat. CornerShot eliminates this problem with a gun that can literally bend and shoot around corners.

Active Denial System – this is a heat ray for (relatively) non-lethal area denial and crowd control, causing up to second degree burns.

Blinding lasers are officially banned – until insurgents gain the ability to make their own weapon systems – but the PHASR can temporarily blind targets, and so not violate the treaty.

Sonic cannons are already in use, as a form of crowd control.

After all this, I’m still waiting for the warbots. The first generation will have some strong points, but plenty of weak points as well. The fifth generation, on the other hand….

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