Tending the Dead

In Digging for their lives: Russia’s volunteer body hunters, we find Russians looking for the many dead men of World War II, to recover the remains, find their names, and give them a proper burial.

Even in 1105 (over a century after the end of the Solomani Rim War) both the Imperium and the Confederation will still be doing the same – but for a battlefield scattered over fifty-parsec and hundreds, even thousands of systems. Most of the actual work will be handled by the relatives of the dead (and specialist Vilani religious organizations, if you like me assume that they are ritualists/ancestor worshippers).

Captaining a starship tied to these duties can be macabre, or gruesome, or simply saddening… it could also be a demonstration of kindness, remembrance, or just saying thank you. It will involve the interaction of Solomani and Imperial religious mores, so opening unusual roleplaying opportunities: both cultures believe in caring for the dead (excepting certain hard-core Solomani materialists – and note that even Communist cultures exalt the revolutionary dead, in the real world).

There is a certain risk involved as well: there may well be active mines, shells, weapon systems, traps, and other hazards that could kill even more people, a century (or more!) after the guns fell silent.

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