Enhance Your Eye

From Gizmag:

Imagine being able to see in black and white or with an Instagram-like filter, or to have what you see through your eyes transmitted wirelessly, simply by swallowing a pill. Or imagine having vision so sharp and accurate that your visual acuity is on par with the most sight-adept people in the world. Italian research studio Mhox hopes to one day make this a reality with its EYE concept, which would offer 3D bioprinted eyes that replace your existing eyeballs.

It sounds like science fiction, and in many ways it is, with a projected availability of around January 2027….

EYE (short for Enhance Your Eye) will come in three models: EYE Heal, EYE Enhance, and EYE Advance. The former would simply replace the defective eyes of the blind and visually impaired ,while the latter two would offer enhancements such as filters, wireless communication, and high-acuity (“up to 15/10”) vision. All three versions will be customizable in size, shape, and structural characteristics according to the needs and preferences of the individual.

These are bioelectronic models: as I would rather not have the NSA tap into whatever I am looking at, I’ll have to wait for the pure biological types.

Always waiting… *sigh*

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