Voice Procedure

I’m glad that there is an actual Wikipedia article on this: certainly, those Traveller groups into heavy roleplaying can make use of it. The only thing I’d toss in is that a couple of useful Vilani words should be in there as well, especially in specialized interstellar shipping matters.

(I’ve always thought of the Imperium as based on Anglic, ‘with Vilani when regionally appropriate’ rather than a formally bilingual interstellar government.)

Say again repeat; Please repeat your last message (Repeat is only used in Australian/Canadian/UK/US military radio terminology to request additional artillery fire)

Unpleasant Traveller Referees can really put the hurt on your party, if they have a mind to do so. But you knew that already.

Callsign-Actual/Callsign-Niner — Sometimes an individual (generally a superior) may have a person monitor the network for them. Saying “actual” after their callsign asserts you wish to speak to the specific person the callsign is attached to. ex: calling the callsign “Headquarters” would often get junior clerk or similar. Calling (or identifying yourself as) “Headquarters-Actual” would indicate that the commander of the headquarters detachment, and thus the entire unit to which it is attached, is requested to be spoken to, or is actually speaking. (In Canadian use, this is Callsign-Niner, with “9” designating a unit commander. An individual monitoring the net but is not the actual commander may used the call-sign “Niner-Zulu”. As well, the codeword “Sunray” is also used to designate a unit commander.)

And so, five years after the game was released, I finally know why the first segment of the Halo Reach game was called ‘Noble Actual.’

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