Valient Hearts: The Low-Tech War

As of 2015, we don’t have any information of a proper high-tech war, with hunter-killer drones, orbital bombardments, artificial plagues, and all the radiation sickness you can load up on.

However, we do have earlier wars, and the emotional fabric of those wars are similar, although the details vary. For example, in World War I (depicted above) there wasn’t the racial overtones of World War II, or the ideological/religious influence of more recent wars, and the movement of the front lines was a good deal more sluggish compared to the tanks of World War II, or the distinct lack of a front line/secure rear area in the recent Iraq war.

Also: there was a certain level of innocence and ardent nationalism in World War I that simply doesn’t exist today, due to the nature of the media. And the noble elites at the time really did send their own sons to die in the field: something that may be true in the Imperium of Traveller, but is largely not true today in the West.

Different wars have different flavours: something for Referees to remember.

Traveller being Traveller, there really are worlds at TL 5 (World War I technology): seeing how a high-tech team would affect such a war would be interesting. And when that team overstretches itself, and gets too cocky, unaware that even low-tech enemies watch and learn?

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