Shipping Pre-Fab Houses

From Chinese company ZhuoDa unveils two-story ‘3D Module Villas’ being built in less than three hours

This past Thursday morning at the International Exhibition Center Plaza in Weihai city in China, a company by the name of the ZhuoDa group showcased what is sure to be one of the most exciting developments in modular home building in recent memory: a two-story villa that was built in just three hours using a special material that the company is still keeping a secret. Of course, in addition to the quick construction process, the process also omits the need for any construction machinery in favor of ‘building block’-like modules that can be shipped in to a ‘construction site’. On July 17, ZhuoDa group showcased another 3D module home in Xi’an City.

According to the company, the new 3D modular homes are 90% fabricated within a factory similar to how smaller products such as phones or shoes are made – complete with interior decoration, wiring, plumbing, kitchen sanitary ware, furniture and other facilities already installed for the new homeowner.

The build presentation, which started promptly at 9:30 AM after a brief launching ceremony, kicked off with workers stacking each module like building blocks through a coordinated team effort using a crane.  First, the living room was assembled followed by the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor – followed by the terrace, bedroom and utility rooms on the second floor – all in less than three hours.

I can definitely see a Six Subsectors company specializing in something like this, on an interstellar scale.

They’ll need

  • a factory: no more than TL 9 is absolutely needed, but the higher the TL the better
  • a construction team (or robots and a robot wrangler, or a mix of robots and men),
  • some anti-grav platforms,
  • and some shipping partners (it will take a wile before a company-owned starship becomes cost-effective)

This kind of cargo and crew is below-average value, in the eyes of pirates. Sure, they’ll steal the cargo and enslave/ransom the people if they can, but there are many higher-value targets out there with a better risk/reward ratio. The smarter pirates would target this ho-hum kind of trade with ‘protection fees’, occasionally whacking a mundane shipper to keep everyone else paying on a regular schedule.

“But isn’t that why we are paying taxes to the Imperial Navy?”
“They are currently fighting the Solomani far away, while the pirates are
Right Here, Right Now.”

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