Lily Camera

This is easily the cutest camera I have ever seen.

Also, the most sci-fi/Traveller like. If you had described it to me back in the early 1990s, I would have pegged it at around TL 11/12.

I can definitely imagine this drone as part of a complete production line of (para)military surveillance and weapon gear, with absolutely everything bearing that supercute smile (Portal 2-style voices included, to round out the package). Well-dressed saleswomen, trained to talk about specs in That Certain Way, would be quite useful in opening the wallets of the customers.

As the Empty Quarter is dominated by highly patriarchal cultures, you’ll need a few large, openly armed men nearby to keep things in order. And to convince the Islamic State neo-Caliphate types to stop trying to buy the charming saleswomen.

(Who would be wise to pack their own body pistols. Just saying…)

Linguistic Bonus: “Interesting and Useful Features”

There is an alternate Lily Camera webpage, which – thanks to its unusual flavour of English – has its own charms.

Lily drone camera makes use of 12-MP Sony Sensor in the built-in camera. You can find this in Ion Air Pro 3 and GoPro Hero3. Lily can record videos at 1080p at 60 frames per second and 720p video at 12 frames per second. That’s quite interesting.

So, whether you are moving around the place, performing skating or jumping over the lands, you can use Lily drone camera. It also identifies what you are doing and records the video in such a way. Suppose, while you are skating and perform a jump it automatically records that part of the video in slow motion. That is really an interesting and useful feature.

All the Referee needs to do is rewrite the specs to better interest the players, have a woman say with a super-feminine lilt – has a good selection of voice actresses – and watch as the cheques start pouring in Player interest suddenly spikes.

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