Democratic Earth, Conquered Earth

If you divided earth into pieces of roughly equal population, you’d get this map. From the comments:

This map of the world has been divided in equally-populated zones. Each zone contains roughly 1% of the human world population, which currently means 74 million people (well, it’s actually more like 0.9-1.1%, which means 66-81 million people, and some of them are too much or too little populated). It’s possible to judge population density in different parts of the world by the size of the zones: each tiny sliver of land in India, Java or Eastern China hosts as many people (if not a little more) as the huge expanses of Canada or Siberia!


Continents by number of provinces:
59, Asia (of which 18 in China and 16 in India)
16, Africa
9, Europe
7, North America
6, South America
1, Oceania

Largest and smallest provinces in North America: Canada and Midwest (3705), Yucatan (94)
Largest and smallest provinces in South America: Amazon (1314), Sul and Sao Paulo (154)
Largest and smallest provinces in Europe: Baltic and Western Russia (904), South Germany (95)
Largest and smallest provinces in Asia: Siberia (3695), Varanasi (9)
Largest and smallest provinces in Africa: Sahara (1003), Lower Egypt (27)
Largest and smallest provinces in Oceania: Indopacific Islands (1652)
Largest and smallest provinces in China: Western China (808), Beijing (14)
Largest and smallest provinces in India: Rajasthan (62), Varanasi (9)

This means that all of the Americas would easily be outvoted by China or India: Asia holds 59% of the planet’s population, which means that they will get most of what they want.

The first demagogue that can unite both China and India under his banner – not an easy feat – gets to rule the world. I can see Europeans try to get Africans on-side as much as possible, aiming for a single voting block. North America would be the victim of every ‘soak the rich’ scheme imaginable – backed by armies largely composed of Chinese and Indian soldiery.

But this doesn’t have to be a map of the precincts of a Democratic Earth. Instead, this could be the various provinces of an Occupied Earth, either of the Third Imperium’s territory after the Solomani Rim War, or of a alternate-timeline Vilani conquest of Terra.

Earth of the 12th Imperial Century isn’t going to be mapped out as above: according to the Rim of Fire, both South American and Africa will have sharply increased populations and wealth. This would work out to more provinces for these continents, and to further reduce the voting weight of Europe and the Americas.

If the Referee is feeling sentimental, he may permit North America to radically increase in population: but it’s going to have a far stronger Hispanic/Chinese/East Indian feel than today. I strongly doubt if there will be any resurgence in the birthrates of White Americans (…or White Europeans, for that matter…), although I am open to a reasonable challenge here.

  • “Crank up the clone vats?” Well, maybe, but I’m doubtful. “Single point of failure,” “Unexpected expenses” and all that…
  • “Resurgent religiosity?” Sure, if you’re talking about Islam in Europe…
  • “Governments mandate huge families?” It didn’t work for the Nazis and Soviets of old; and it isn’t particularly successful for the Russians, French, or the Scandinavians of today.
  • “Massive immigration from Arab and African lands?” Yes, that would work. Whether the locals will tolerate this, though, is a very different story.
  • “Massive immigration from outer space?” In the Traveller universe… perhaps. We do have Hiver colonies in Australia as canon, as well as Vilani settlers in India.

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I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!
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