Mildly Plausible Backgrounds

From 3 Toadstools

Need a quick background for your characters? Don’t need anything to long and invovled.  Here’s a easy d100 table for backgrounds.  I’ve used this in my own games, and it works quite well.  The players fill in the blanks after the initial roll.

I’m confident that 80%+ of Travellers will have their background story needs satisfied with something like this set of one-sentence backgrounders. Well, it needs to be edited a bit — change “Family were witch-hunters” to “Born into a anti-psion order”, say — but if you just want a bit of colour, there you go!

I’m a setting writer, so I have to write more (and more) backgrounders in Stellar Reaches: not just to tell a story, but to show what the setting is, the kind of people who live there, and the unique, setting-tied problems they must deal with.


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2 Responses to Mildly Plausible Backgrounds

  1. Andrew says:

    ‘Family were witchhunters’ would work on some of the lower tech backward lost worlds, or some sword worlds, or so. Don’t discount mysticism


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