Space is Big, Redux

10,000 Galaxies

Assuming the Imperium consists of 11,000 systems (the Imperium proper, plus the area of the illegal, secessionist ‘Solomani Confederation’), and a week to jump from system to system, nonstop, then you can visit the entire Imperium in 210 years: a pureblooded Vilani could pull it off, if given an early start.

“But it’s still a wanna-be compared to the original, 15,000-system Ziru Sirka!”

Eleven thousand star systems doesn’t even amount to a rounding error before the billion-plus stars within the Orion Arm of the Galaxy (which usually I treat as just a part of the Perseus Arm): and our Galaxy itself contains between 100 billion to 400 billion stars.

And behind every grain-sized part of the sky, is 10,000 galaxies.

“We’ll never conquer space,” said Arthur C. Clarke. He wasn’t kidding.


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2 Responses to Space is Big, Redux

  1. Richard Artis says:

    Sorry, but I thought the imperium was 11,000 worlds, in 9000 systems, Not 11,000 systems.


    • Alvin Plummer says:

      You may well be right!
      It could be 11,000 worlds, not 11,000 systems….

      I tend to go with the ‘11,000’ systems thing, because it accounts for the Solomani rebel scum:
      but if Im (canonically) wrong, then I’m wrong.

      Even if Canon doesn’t really matter to you – I take my own liberties with it – I like to at least keep a nodding acquaintance with it, as it’s a good baseline to keep, or extend, or alter to suit your taste! A good artist knows his basic techniques, before doing his own thing…


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