Alien Stars, Alien Skies

We're not in Kansas anymore

10 Images of What Sunset Would Look Like If The Sun Were Swapped With Other Stars

  • The above image, from Futurism, can be useful for the Referee who wants to imagine just how dark it would be, living on all those worlds with dim red stars.
    • We’re going to hand wave how living worlds even survived around those dead red stars, or why the water hasn’t boiled away on a Gaia world, orbiting a giant star. “If Pluto’s heart can still stay warm and toasty after all those billions of years, I’m not going to enquire too closely about the other oddities of Imperial Space!”
  • We could use a pic of a world that’s very close to a red dwarf, as it’s at least theoretically likely to have a living world there.
  • I don’t think that I could ever get used to living on a world like Aldebaran, with some massive, inescapable, sky-enveloping ball of fire beating down on me. Even assuming that it was possible to live there, without being vaporized within two seconds. Now, if was a very cool and dark red giant, it becomes more plausible… still close to the terrifying side of the scale, but plausible.

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