“Have you accepted Glock as your Lord and Saviour?”

Traveller has a lot of gear, and men get attached to their gear – especially when they are literally betting their life on it.

Guns are certainly part of it, but I can easily see the same thing for spacesuits, jump drives, “the best tech level” for equipment, best languages (and dialects!), the right place to park your starship in a starport, which subsector Duke is most friendly to the small trader, how to prep alien food, etc…


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3 Responses to “Have you accepted Glock as your Lord and Saviour?”

  1. Andrew says:

    Glock? GLOCK? You Blasphemer, Sir. BLAS-PHEMER! It isn’t a REAL gun unless the Sainted John Moses Browning designed it (and it weighs almost as much as a Ship’s Boat)!!!!

    Yeah, there are some real brand-fanatics out there. And don’t ever cross those Mosin-Nagant Cossacks.

    I can just imagine a barracks discussion on whose Gauss rifle is the real Gauss rifle.

    Or if the Solomani have designs that they trace back to pre-interstellar war times. I can just see some ImpMarine twiddling his thumbs, waiting to pop a few rounds from his soulless FGMP at an entrenched group of Sollies while they fight out whether the AR or AK platform is better. Now, that would be role-playing at its finest.


    • Alvin Plummer says:

      I always felt I could get a good two month’s education, if I could listen in to someone who knows his tools argue with another man who knows his tools… but with strong disagreements on the details.

      Just as a side note,I learned quite a bit from the “Are Revolvers Obsolete” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y6fqGpTeK0
      * In the year of our Lord 1911″ – the most amusing thing I heard all day
      * Most civilian self-defence fights involve only two shots… when the defender didn’t decide to simply empty the magazine. (Despite myself, I STILL sympathize with those sorts of defenders: “Heat of the moment” and “Gotta be sure”, you know!)
      * People really do have trouble racking the slide of an automatic: 100 pound women have the right to a easy to manage gun too!


  2. Andrew says:

    Yeah, slide racking is fun, especially on a brand new right out of the box gun. I got a nice Springfield XD-40, wonderful gun, shot real well, accurate out of the box. First time I tried to remove the slide I about died, due to the slide being so damned hard to pull. Until I did what people told me to which was to work the slide on a new semi-auto for about a millennium to smooth out the action.

    I have also shot some really nice double action revolvers where the damned trigger pull was so heavy I needed an elephant attached to the trigger and a pickup truck attached to the frame.

    Basic rules – out of the box brand new sucks. Every gun requires a basic tune-up, either by working the action over and over and over again, or by modifying the trigger pull or something.

    And I have to admit, with shame, that the person who showed me how to strip and clean and reassemble my Ruger MkIII was, yeah, a 100 pound woman. Who then told me the gun runs better dirty, so only basic clean it unless it really is mucked up. At a Gun Range. In front of everyone. Shame, shame, shame on me. heh.


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