Mist Monster

It’s unfortunate that the Starship Troopers movie never got their powered armour, or it would have made a half-decent model of Traveller conventional warfare.

As it is, I get to indulge in my explorer fantasies, with the video above.

Yes, I am lying with pictures here: the 99.5% of the movie’s repulsive alien animals – which mainly want to eat you – was cut off here. But Imperial Scouts long ago learned to be sceptical of most intel reports… the few that survive, that is.

So I get my sensawonder!

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2 Responses to Mist Monster

  1. Andrew says:

    Supposedly they are relaunching Starship Troopers, completely ignoring those horrible movies, and having real bugs, real powered armor, Newtonian physics involved space ships and more History and Moral Philosophy.

    Like Heinlein wrote it.

    Rather than the Disney version, i.e. The characters names are the same, but the plot, setting, oh, just about everything has been changed to protect the innocent. Duh, duh, duh, duhhh (Dragnet music, okay?)

    Like “The Little Mermaid” – as written, a nice little fable about how one cannot change one’s social status, oh, yeah, the Prince marries someone else, and the fish dies…

    Back to ST – I want to see bugs like in Avalon Hill’s game from the 70’s. Big-assed spider-tick thingies with guns, lots of guns (for the warrior caste). And Bug starships. And Skinnies. And Powered Armor. Oh, a boy can dream…


    • Alvin Plummer says:

      I don’t like Disney, but I still hope that they do a good job with Starship Troopers.
      It would be even better if they took both Heinlein’s philosophy and his military tech seriously: something new to chew on politically, and at least an attempt to understand far-future warfare.

      The more Heinlein they could get on the screen accurately, the better. We are adults, not children: treat us as such, for once.
      (The kids would be well-satisfied with the explosions, so no worries there.)

      Of course, what I really want to see is a well-thought out movie between the Third Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate in the Fifth Frontier War. With all the special effects.

      I’m looking for something like the Halo 5 intro (from 1:20)

      It’s not going to happen today, though.


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