The Return of the RICE Paper

Traveller grognards no doubt remember the old RICE (“Regency Institute for Cultural Education”) papers of Traveller: The New Era. These papers from the Regency – the sole surviving Imperial successor state known, as of 1201 Imperial – were detailed overviews of various worlds in the post-Virus era.

Something of a spiritual successor was written in the new book Far Frontiers: Feraerfon. In the blurb, the writer says

Far Frontiers Feraerfon is an abbreviated world supplement for you to drop into a science fiction interstellar spanning campaign setting. Feraerfon is an earth-like habitable world with an early colonial feel to it. It contains a full colour world map of the main world, one of the secondary worlds in the system, and even one of the colonists originating homeward, zoomed details showing major regions, the main city, details of the characteristics of the world, its general history and ideas on which to base adventure scenarios. It also includes background on a humanoid minor race.

Use this supplement to add some detail to your campaign with another world that adds some colour to the travels of your adventurers through the vastness of space.

This supplement is suitable for use with Traveller, Space Opera, Star Wars, Star Trek, FSpaceRPG and a myriad of other scifi settings. Written by a long standing fan of the Traveller RICE paper concept.

Hey, it can’t hurt to check it out. And there should always be a place for another frontier world in your universe: it’s a common site for daring adventures, and frontier worlds should have unique flavours. (A.k.a.  “Not always Colonial America or the Wild West…”)

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2 Responses to The Return of the RICE Paper

  1. phil says:

    As the author of Far Frontiers – Feraerfon, I would like to thank you very much for bringing my latest ebook to your readers’ attention. I hope you all get enjoyment out of it and acts as inspiration for many role playing adventures.

    I would also like to encourage others to have a go at world building and writing a RICE paper style writeup.




    • Alvin Plummer says:

      I’m glad that you’re still pushing out the frontiers: your comments are very welcome here!

      My fellow readers: buy the book – it isn’t THAT expensive… see if you can write up your own world in the same format… and send the draft to Philip. Maybe you two can work something out, and expand the universe (while making a little coin!)


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