Jump Routes on Travellermap.com

I am glad to discover that jump routes are finally available on Travellermap.com!

For example, let’s say that I want to find a Jump1 (…up to Jump6…) route from

  • Gingesh: noted in Stellar Reaches #18, page 9, as a Vilani world which still bears a strong residual influence of the Abadani crypto-communist movement


  • Pamusghar: (same issue, page 13) a leading old-school Vilani world, it bears a high population with the astounding (for the Imperial Empty Quarter) technology level of 11. “Exactly the same as the Ziru Sirka: no more, no less.”

(PS: Pamushgar’s TL 11 is as of 993: by the Classic Traveller period of 1105, the setting of travellermap.com, it has declined to TL 10, even as the population increased by a billion. I wonder why…)

Going along the Sashar-Pmaushgar Main, using the Jump1 setting, we can easily determine that we will make the journey in 13 parsecs, and 13 jumps.

Using higher jump settings means that we are not forced to use the Sashar-Pmaushgar Main – although, by dividing up the jumps, the Referee can force the issue. For example, let’s say we have a jump2 Far Trader at our disposal. This now requires travelling 11 parsecs (down from 13), and only six jumps are needed.

I recommend that the Referee play with the different levels of Jump available. He may discover some interesting oddities: for example, no time is saved between Jump5 and Jump6 (only the connecting world is changed), or that one route between two worlds has more interesting stopovers.

You’d be surprised how many cross-Imperial routes just skip past Capital, when with a little tweak the PCs can visit the single most important world in Charted Space…

As to why the Gingesh-Pamushgar journey is being made… perhaps some corporate/cultural event is being held, as mildly deviant Gingesh is once again encouraged to completely line up with Proper Vilani Norms.

(Via corporate bribes gifts, coupled with elite/elite and media/masses persuasion, instead of more direct methods.

“Even the Revered Ancestors didn’t reach for their submachine guns as their first, or even second, preferred option! A little patience can be the key to salvaging societies as well as equipment, and every centicredit saved, every additional work-hour gained, adds up over the centuries.

No need to destroy working capital – human or otherwise – if it can be avoided.”)


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