The Worst Noble Prize…

I’m pretty sure that most TL 10 (or at least TL 12) Imperial/anti-psion societies have more sophisticated ways to create a lobotomy… but maybe not, if the Referee wants all lobotomies to destroy the victim’s emotions/personality.

But in the Imperial Empty Quarter, a lot of societies lean low-tech. But hey – at least a lobotomy is better than the “burn the witch” school of thought, common in many (most?) of the more rural communities.

What PCs really need to keep an eye on is the ‘kill the outsider’ villages. True: many of them lack high-tech weaponry. But not all: and many low-tech openly violent tribes have  kinsmen on the high-tech cities.

For example, the PCs have finished a few money transactions and are in an elevator, when a walking tent who may or may not be carrying 50 pounds of explosives slips in just before the door closes…


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2 Responses to The Worst Noble Prize…

  1. AndrewK says:

    It’s real easy to put on your sanctimonious cap when you have hindsight goggles strapped on.


    • Alvin Plummer says:

      Given time and power, people with sanctimonious caps inevitable make their own mistakes: sometimes very similar to the target they are criticizing! If anything, it’s quite likely that, put in a similar position, I would react too slowly and too little force, which can easily be just as damaging as reacting too swiftly and too harshly.

      Getting it right is HARD.

      (And then there is the stress of getting it wrong – and dying/having friends die – or getting it wrong the other way – and the media fiasco, and possible punishment, even murder charges in some cases.)

      The great thing about PC mercs in Traveller, is that they get to directly pay for their own mistakes… and directly rewarded for their own victories. No blaming politicians, or propaganda, or hidebound bureaucracies. Is the niqab-clad woman a threat, or not? (Is she even a woman?) Is she defending the honour of the Prophet? Avenging her family?

      Or simply on her way to the bank, just as you are?

      You play the odds, you try to get an edge when you can (i.e.: explosive-detecting goggles, if it exists), you keep your ear to the ground. You work hard to keep the number and power of your enemies limited, understand their M.O.

      If you are an officer in charge of local security, you set up the checkpoints, you hire vetted staff, you link up with other local soldiers and spies and informants to get in the loop.

      It’s difficult to model the split-second decision an actual soldier on the spot has to make: a lot of the information is instant/instinctual/visual, and would take much too long to describe verbally. An experienced man can simply KNOW, but experience has a price tag.


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