Veteran Authors

NPR has published an interesting article on those veterans who are interested in writing a modern war story.

I would strongly prefer a non-fiction story, along the line of the famous Black Hawk Down or Bravo Two Zero (and yes, I am dating myself *shrug*). I have heard that it usually takes about 20 years for a really good book on a given war to be written, so – ignoring the examples I just gave – I ain’t expecting a lot until the 2020s are well underway.

I doubt if Traveller would be the best vehicle for a story of modern war: but it could be kinda shoved into it – not too dissimilar to what I did with the Empty Quarter, but even here the differences necessarily far outweigh the similarities.

However, I think that the Traveller universe would be more useful as an allegorical or a metaphorical setting to a modern war, like Halderman’s The Forever War.

(But if I was truly going to write grand, powerful, moving fiction in the Traveller universe, it would certainly be grounded in the immense tragedy known as the Rebellion. It’s not every day that you see a civilization die…)


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