YouTube Science, Plot Hooks

First Science, then Plot Inspiration


An interesting video on movement. Depending on the Referee, getting the details right could be critical to solving the problem…

While impressive, the need to conserve energy – the main driver of a Dyson sphere – isn’t really that critical at this point in time: there’s a lot of stars out there! One exception: a species that is extremely advanced, but simply can’t get out of it’s system, not even with STL methods (generation ships, etc.)

Any such system would be able to slap down any Imperial fleet with ease… but only in its own system. An interesting world, that….

Who knew that the avocado would make such an inspirational for a truly extra-terrestrial fruit? Born and bred to be eaten by now-extinct megafauna…

The aether has got to be one of the greatest dead-ends of science of all time. Space:1899 explores what would have happened if aether could actually be used to propel Victorian-era ships (complete with a living ‘dying Mars’ and a jungle Venus)

From the comments:

Van Allen: Hey, we discovered something new and unexpected!
Military: Let’s send a nuke into it and see what happens!
The 50’s in a nutshell.

The PCs really, really need to transport a bulk shipment of Azidoazide Azide someday…

Now, Plot Hooks:

Mob-owned gambling ships, staying close to cities where gambling, prostitution, and various other illegal activities were conducted.

With a slight rewrite, you can easily have entrepreneurial criminals run starships just a bit outside of a high-pop world’s 100-diameter boundary, where assorted activities – illegal on the world – are indulged in on the ship.

The Third Imperium is actually a lot more easy-going than this, but there are other starnations which you really don’t want to pop in unannounced.

(In Early Access, as of September 2016.)

Yes, a sim that’s all about building a city on an alien world. It could be worth a few hours of play for a Referee, looking for new ideas…

(In Beta, though, as of September 2016.)

Bonus Material: Songs

For serious patriots of the Imperium, their government isn’t just a fairly reasonable interstellar authority limiting interstellar violence, or a great trade network, or a mighty shield against those loathsome Mind-Rapist/Killer Dogs/Repulsive Racists/etc.

No: they actually see the Imperium as an actual nation, a single community which makes up their homeland. A “Big Country” indeed…

(The dream never came to fruit, as the War of the Rebellion proved: but supposing it did?

That would make an interesting campaign: multi-generational role-playing is of course just the entry fee for this scenario. A nation defines itself by what it is not, as well as what it is: pouring out the self-definition will be quit interesting to see!)

The song title, “Et si tu n’existais pas”, amuses me. I would have thought it impossible to combine existentialism and a rather good love song at the same time, but I obviously underestimated the French. (In this case, a Franco-American.)


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