Near Space Geography

First, a quick note that the Universal World Profile – a Cepheus Engine reworking of the World Creator’s Handbook – is now up and about.

But a recent tile that drives this quick post is Near Space – a Traveller-style map of the local stellar neighbourhood. Copy/Paste of the full blurb below:

The area of space surrounding Sol warrants a proper sci-fi role-playing game adaptation. Indeed, many games adopted the region, either as a two-dimensional abstraction or as some representation of the real three-dimensional space. However, currently, there is little in the way of an up-to-date, concrete star-maps of Sol’s immediate neighborhood for the various older-school sci-fi RPGs, such as the Cepheus Engine, 2d6 sci-fi games, and several other games utilizing a two-dimensional hexagon star-map. This product comes to remedy this issue.

This product provides a full Sol-centered, hexagon-based star-map, 20 parsecs by 16 parsecs in size – a “Quadrant” if you will. Additionally, it provides full Cepheus Engine (and 2d6 sci-fi SRD) data for the “main world” planets of each and every star involved, ready for you, the Referee, to colonize.

For your convenience, we also provide expanded Temperature rules for the included worlds, fully compatible with the Cepheus Engine rules, as well as a short overview of star spectral types.

 We based these maps on real, up-to-date astronomical data, which we have abstracted into a two-dimensional hexagon grid where each hexagon is one parsec in width. We tried to make sure that the system data suits the data we have now – as of the summer of 2016 – about our stellar neighborhood, though abstracted, as noted above, for gaming use.

All maps, UWPs, and rule data in this product are fully open-content, as per the OGL. This means that you may take this data, and even the maps, and directly base your own sci-fi RPG product on them, even include the map or a modified version of it in your product. And yes, this includes commercial products as well!

 This product includes two types of high-res maps as separate downloads. The first is a map including several hypothetical dim stars for the ease of gaming. The second is a map with only real, currently-known stars as of Summer 2016. Each of these maps comes in two versions – full-color and printer-friendly.

For a little more realism, you might want to ale a quick look at Outpost Mars, grounded on a TL 8 attempt to colonize Mars – complete with factions like the ESA and NASA.


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