The Stockpile

From Zero Hedge:

Jeff Henderson, President of a U.S. trade group known as the Aluminum Extruders Council, took note of the shift in Chinese exports to Mexico and decided to dig a little deeper.  As such, he commissioned a plane to flyover a “small” factory in Mexico and, to his great “shock,” found about 6% of the entire world’s inventory of aluminum sitting in the middle of the Mexican desert covered in tarps.

Two years ago, a California aluminum executive commissioned a pilot to fly over the Mexican town of San José Iturbide, at the foot of the Sierra Gorda mountains, and snap aerial photos of a remote desert factory.

He made a startling discovery. Nearly one million metric tons of aluminum sat neatly stacked behind a fortress of barbed-wire fences. The stockpile, worth some $2 billion and representing roughly 6% of the world’s total inventory—enough to churn out 2.2 million Ford F-150s or 77 billion beer cans—quickly became an obsession for the U.S. aluminum industry.

Aluminum-industry representative Jeff Henderson says he is convinced that China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd., a Chinese aluminum giant controlled by billionaire Liu Zhongtian, tried to evade U.S. tariffs by routing aluminum through Mexico to disguise its origins, a tactic known as transshipping.

Aluminum Stockpile

A stockpile of a million tons of metal – aluminum, steel, anything of good tensile strength and conductive to electricity, really – would make you stinking rich in the metal-poor worlds of the Empty Quarter.

Well, until the major, high-tech Ikonic pirates corporations hear of it, anyways.

When they make their move, there’s a decent chance that they’ll try to seed the crime scene with clues that point to a tribal enemy of the planetary government. For example, if the stockpile is on an Arab Muslim world, they’ll plant (very convincing, high-quality, TL E+) evidence that’ll point to an East Indian Hindi world.

Partly, it’s just covering your tracks.

Partly, it’s because the Vilani & Vargr thieves from Ikon have been infested by the hatey-hate attitudes of the Middle East local Solomani, and simply want to watch the True Humans slaughter each other, as they laugh in comfort on the wealthiest world of the sector.

It is said that pious, God-fearing men need to be extra-careful, or Satan will take great delight in turning them into a repulsive mockery of the holy, noble, righteous image they have of themselves. An Imperial Scout could add that the same warning applies to pious, God-fearing cultures, worlds, and sectors, as well.

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2 Responses to The Stockpile

  1. Andrew says:

    That would require the tribal peoples not to be destroying infrastructure right and left that would allow the refining of those same raw materials.

    I see a shift from open air storage to more underground and cave storage (much like what we see in Afghanistan now) for storage of critical materials. Family (meaning well armed and defended) compounds over the access points to these stockpiles would be the key for maintaining control (and ownership) of the materials.

    And I can’t imagine how a factory would work in the EQ. How much budget is allocated for defensive purposes? Do they rent the local armed forces for perimeter defense? (I envision factories built like the reactor that the Israelis bombed, behind 20 meter berms and so forth.)


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