Call Him Lord

After a few decades, I have just reread Gordon R. Dickson’s SF short story (and Nebula winner of 1966) “Call Him Lord”.

(A famous SF short story, at one time: but it hasn’t been republished in quite some time. And down the memory hole it goes…)

It would be interesting, changing the author’s name and a few minor details, and resubmitting it to a modern-day board of sci-fi judges. I don’t think you could slip it past them right now: but in a generation or less, it would be amusing to see their reactions.

Certainly, the feel and culture of the Imperium touched on in the book is a better fit for the 1970s-style Traveller ethos than anything post-Asimov, if at once more tougher and with a higher integrity than most Imperiums out there.

(Decides not to spoil a 50-year-old short story: who knows, a reader might be interested in finding and reading the tale himself!)

Among other things, Dickson is one of the (somewhat forgotten) originators of military SF, thanks to his Dorsai novels, a.k.a. the Childe cycle. I have time for short tales, but not enough for longer novels. But maybe someone would be interested in reading those near-forgotten gems, and – re-clothing them in Traveller cloth – putting them out as scenarios to roleplay!

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